Photographer for yoga & wellness retreats

Capturing the unique & special moments that the story of your retreat

Rachel Fritz will capture: 

  • Candid and posed portraits of participants
  • Group photos of retreat attendees
  • Scenic shots of the retreat location and surroundings
  • Detail shots of the retreat activities and decorations

Skilled in using natural light and flash to create stunning and atmospheric photos that will transport you back to the experience. 

After the retreat, Rachel Fritz will provide you with a collection of high-quality digital photos that you can use to remember your experience and share with others. 

  1. Current YTT200 student at the Lotus Pond Center for Yoga and Wellness
  2. Website & Marketing Manager of Inspira Physical Therapy & Pilates
  3. Previous Professional Travel Photographer for Selina 

Capturing the magic of your retreat in stunning detail. 

Rachel Fritz Retreat Photographer at Vida by Selina
Professional Photographer for Selina Hotels & Hostels in costa rica, guatemala, and colombia

Rachel Fritz’s passion for travel & sustainability was when she went on the Dolphin Conservation Project with Rustic Pathways in August of 2013. 

She has since traveled to 45+ countries and was awarded a scholarship to finish her Master’s degree for her film documentary about the Mekong River’s sustainability.