Antigua, Guatemala is a small colonial town nestled in the middle of Guatemala. It’s well-known for its endless amounts of cobblestone streets and brightly colored architecture. It is about an hour from the international airport in Guatemala City depending on traffic. Here are three must-go places to visit in Antigua!


1. Santa Catalina Arch

Without a doubt, Santa Catalina Arch should be top on your list as it is known as the symbol of Antigua. Located on 5th Avenue North, the arch over the cobblestone streets was built in 1694, connecting the convent to a school, allowing nuns to pass from one building to the other without going out on the street. The tunnel in the arch is now closed to preserve its history. 










2. Iglesia de la Merced 

This iconic Catholic church is so well-preserved after the many earthquakes that have affected this area. With a bright ornate facade, it is very picturesque. At night and weekends, food vendors set up and offer authentic Guatemala cuisine.














3. A Rooftop Restaurant

Several rooftop restaurants allow you to view the volcanos and surrounding colonial town. Our favorite is a Mexican restaurant not known on Google Maps but the rooftop is located next to or around Restaurante y Taqueria Aguacate. Ask around if you get there!

Antigua is a beautiful little town nestled in the valley of volcanoes. If you get to go, share a picture with me! Read more on Travel Tips & Guides here.



By Rachel Fritz

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