On the first day of our 6 week trip around Costa Rica, we had the pleasure of exploring Hacienda La Chimba, a beautiful 179-acre hacienda, which means a large ranch or plantation. We traveled 25 minutes outside of San Jose to the neighborhood of Barrio Espana set on the side of the beautiful Santa Ana mountains. Hacienda La Chimba combines Costa Rica’s traditions, nature, adventure, and hidden treasure. 



We started our tour by viewing the different birds at their sanctuary and were shocked by the different types of birds. We also found out that parrots only have one lover in their life and if they die, they do not mate with another bird. We saw the two love birds perched up high.










Our tour started with Emilio at the La casa de Chepita, a house decorated in a way that Costa Ricans used to live many years ago.

We then explored more buildings at Hacienda La Chimba.

A catholic church. 

The people of Costa Rica are very religious, attending church at least once a week. 

On top of some of the buildings at Hacienda La Chimba, you can see solar panels! Costa Rica is powered by 99% renewable energy. Drone photo by Dave Scott

Getting to the Buddha statue by foot is not easy as the path is 4.5km, mostly uphill, taking 1 hr 30 mins. The kind tour guide and the staff let us onto their golf cart up to the Buddha statue. On the way up the mountain, we saw a huge Costa Rica sign in the colors of their flag overlooking the mountains. 

Stand at the I and take your photo! 

The Buddha statue is magnificent, standing tall in the middle of the woods. The materials were brought in and it was made at the spot of its current location.


We headed back down the mountain for their coffee tour! We learned about their own coffee “Café Mi Momento” 

The way of brewing coffee in Costa Rica before machines pouring hot water over a sock with a stand to hold it. 

After tasting their delicious coffee including light, medium, and dark roast, we began to see their coffee production. 

Coffee plants!
The coffee seed is shown in the diagram in the photo. Yes, the coffee seed is red! 

The coffee beans are turned every 3 hours by hand during the day to dry out the seeds. 

Their coffee production is massive. Their warehouse storage (three times the amount not shown) is produced in only 3 months during harvesting season.

After relaxing, drinking fresh coffee we began the adventure straight uphill to La Mano Del Mantra.

It is a newly opened section of Hacienda La Chimba that offers stunning views of the mountains. 

You can get onto the hand and take a photo!

I can’t recommend Hacienda La Chimba enough. If you’re looking for a local experience in the city, this is the place! It is not a very well-known tour and we were the only ones there doing the coffee tour. It is safe and an absolute must while in Costa Rica. 




By Rachel Fritz

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