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My name is Rachel Fritz and I am a Video Creator and Photographer located in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 

My passion for pursuing sustainability began when my home flooded from Sandy in 2012. This tragedy motivated me to attend Montclair State University and pursue my academics in Sustainability Science. While at university, I worked in Marketing department at the Campus Rec as a Videographer and Photographer and since have pursued video production and marketing in my career.  I studied abroad in Vietnam to create a video documentary about the effects of climate change on the Mekong Delta and was awarded a scholarship to complete my Master’s degree at the University of Graz, Austria. My perseverance and passion for the subject led me to complete both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in only 4 years. 

Rachel Fritz

During my studies, I traveled solo to over 25 countries in Europe and Asia. Being a solo female traveler is empowering as I made bold decisions every day. It is truly life-changing and liberating to travel alone. Through travel, we open ourselves up to unique experiences, build social relationships, and have the opportunity to learn and grow.

RachelFritz Travel Blog

Currently, I am based in Florida and work as a freelance Video Creator and Photographer. In my free time, I share stories from around the world and help others go out and travel as well. My goal in life is to produce films about climate change and sustainability. 

Follow me on my adventures on my Instagram and blog where I write about local experiences, travel tips & guides, sustainability, and personal travel stories.